Ever since the roll-out and massive adoption of QR Code Payments by Alipay and WeChat Pay in China, the rest of the world have proceeded to adopt the technology with similar intentions, but limited success. This is mostly due to the strategy of rolling-out QR Code Payments as a low cost solution for underbanked markets, without appreciating the restrictive impact a lack of Smartphones and access to the Internet has on the market - critical for high adoption rates to be possible.


To help solve this problem, DIALR provides the global underbanked payments market with a "Dial-to-Pay" solution that works ACROSS handsets, WITHOUT internet in just 1 or 2 simple steps! It works by tying QR Codes to Sound Files and transmitting them through a customer handset microphone when dialling a Pont of Sale Pay Number, thereby eliminating the need for smartphones OR an internet connection to make digital payments - unlocking financial services for the poorest of the poor.

The World’s 1st "Dial-to-Pay" Solution!


*Works ACROSS handsets, ACROSS Networks, WITHOUT Internet

*Simple, Low Cost, CONTACTLESS Payments in 1 or 2 Steps

*Perfect for global Underbanked & Cryptocurrency Markets

Patents Pending

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