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Smart Device Terminal (Android)


This product offers banks and payment service providers with a means to enable underbanked payments for their customers at scale. The solution was specifically designed to enable traditional merchants to use a Smart Device (or Cash Register) as a terminal to accept QR Code payments from customers with Feature Phones.


1) Download and install the following Android Application (APK) onto the Smart Device that will be used to test the DIALR Terminal
2) Make sure the Smart Device has a stable/usable internet connection.
3) Open and register the application using the Smart Device mobile number.


1) Enter the Payment Amount due on the DIALR Terminal application installed on the Merchant Smart Device, and click the "Request Dial-To-Pay" button to begin transmitting the related QR Code Sound File.
2) Dial 65 3135 1321 to simulate the Customer Handset and hold it near the Merchant Smart Device.
3) Wait for the Merchant Smart Device and Customer Handset to receive their respective text-based transaction receipt messages.


1) The use of 3rd party Voice and SMS channels for the demo can impact the quality of the experience.
2) Although DIALR solutions have near instant transaction response times (1-2 seconds), the physical distance between testing parties and DIALR test servers can cause increased latency of up to 6 seconds.

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