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SMART DEVICE POS to Smart Device Payment


Enabling a simple 1-step (micropayment) between a Merchant (payee) and a Customer (payer), where both parties have access to a smartphone.


Choose 2 Android Smartphones, one representing the Merchant POS (payee) and another the Customer Handset (payer), then download and install the DIALR APK (USA Region) on the respective Android Smartphones here.

After installation ensure you have a stable internet connection, and register the apps as requested.

Once done use the following steps to test the solution:

STEP 1 (with the "Merchant" Handset)


Open the DIALR Application, enter the Payment Amount due under the "Request Payment" tab, and click the "REQUEST DIAL-TO-PAY" button, upon which the remote server will begin broadcasting a QR Code Sound File.

STEP 2 (with the "Customer" Handset)

Open the DIALR Application under the "Make Payment" tab, and click the "DIAL-TO-PAY" button in near proximity to the Merchant Handset while it broadcasts the QR Code sound file.


Both Merchant and Customer handsets receive their respective text-based transaction receipts.


  1. Smart Devices use Internet communication by default, and where unavailable the app can be configured to automatically dial into bank servers using traditional voice channels.

  2. Long distances between DIALR servers and the location of testing parties can increase latency.

  3. DIALR Servers can be deployed in closer proximity to potential customers to guarantee near-instant transaction speeds when/where required.

  4. For PIN payments the Customer Handset will instantly request the entry of a PIN directly from within a bank-specific application (1234#).


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